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“The future belongs to those who believe in the transformation of their dreams"

Entrepreneurial Youth Class (ages 8-17)

COST: $40 per class

Scholarship Opportunities Available

You have the option to make installments or full payments towards your registration and participation fees. All money submitted will count towards your balance. Please print copy of transactions for your records!

Our Youth Class is designed to learn the life skills necessary to ensure success. These skills include financial success skills, business skills and social skills. More specifically, our students will learn:

  • Communication skills for business, including meeting with local business owners
  • Write a business plan for their academic development
  • Public speaking
  • Dressing for success
  • Customer service skills
  • Financial skills such as budgeting and saving
  • How to maintain a viable business
  • Marketing skills
  • Tradeshow skills

Where the Healing Begins...Within Me

COST: There is no fee to attend this group.

Join others to embark on your path to healing through fun and informative support group sessions led by professionals specializing in different subject matter.

Our techniques include participation by the group through sharing and role playing.

Activities include local trips and to other states. View calendar for details. 

Pay It Forward

COST: There is no fee to receive help with these services.

Let us connect you with the right organizations to assist you with your struggles. 

From tax assistance to a place that can help you with furnishings for your home,

we partner with people who have the same passion to help, that we have.

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